Adding animations to your AO

A short tutorial movie by Torrid Midnight showing the process of adding animations to your AO. This is the same process for any HUD or AO.

Please click here for more detail on configuring your AO.

Adding animations to your AO

This section tells you how to add/change animations. Note that the notecards from the old ZHAO won’t work with ZHAO-II. If you have an old ZHAO and you want to switch to ZHAO-II, you need a new notecard. If you don’t want to re-write a notecard by hand, rez the provided ‘Notecard Converter’ object and follow its instructions.

This will only work if the ZHAO-II you have is modifiable. If you bought a ZHAO-II from someone that’s pre-packaged with animations and they removed modify permissions, I cannot help you with that. You could try picking up a free empty ZHAO-II from my store and moving your animations/notecards (beware of SL inventory bugs). So, assuming you have modify permissions on your ZHAO-II…

1. If you are wearing the ZHAO-II, detach it.

2. Find the ZHAO-II in your inventory. If you have multiple ZHAO-IIs, find the right one that you want to edit.

3. Make sure you’re on land where you can rez objects, and the auto return is several minutes long. If you’re not sure, go to a sandbox.

3. Press Ctrl-3 to bring up the edit window.

4. Drag the ZHAO onto the ground. It should be highlighted for edit.

5. On the Edit window, click the ‘More’ button, then the ‘Content’ tab. You are now viewing the content’s of the ZHAO-II’s inventory. If you have a lot of animations in the ZHAO-II’s inventory, wait a while for this window to finish refreshing.

6. Drag the animation(s) you want to add, from your own inventory, into the ZHAO-II’s inventory. Wait for the to animations show up in the ZHAO-II’s inventory. If you take the ZHAO-II back into your inventory too soon, you may lose animations due to SL inventory issues.

7. If you bought the ZHAO-II already pre-loaded with animations, it should have a notecard in it that’s already set up. I can’t tell you what this notecard will be called, but it should be easy to find. Find this notecard you want to edit, and drag it from the ZHAO-II’s inventory into your inventory.

8. If you bought an empty ZHAO-II from my store, it should have a notecard called ‘Default’. Copy the ‘Default’ notecard into your inventory.

8. In your inventory, rename this notecard. Call it “My Anims” or something like that. Keep the name small, it needs to fit on a dialog menu button.

9. Open up the notecard. You’ll see lines in it that look like the following:

[ Walking ]

[ Sitting ]

… and so on. If the notecard was already set up with animations, the lines will look like this:

[ Walking ]MaleWalk1|MaleWalk2|DorkyWalk1

[ Sitting ]CrossLeggedSit|MaleSit1

10. Find the line that corresponds to the animation you want to add. For example, let’s say you’re trying to add a new ‘Sitting’ animation. Find the line that starts with [ Sitting ]

11. If the line doesn’t have any animations in it, then at the end of the line, type the animation name. If the line already has some animation(s) in it, then at the end of this line, type the | character, and then type/paste the name of your animation. Make sure you don’t add any spaces around the animation names. Look at the other lines in the notecard to see what it should look like. Make sure you spell the animation name right. Make sure you have the capitalization right. A good way to do this is to copy the animation’s name by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Properties’. Once you are done, it should look like this:

[ Sitting ]CrossLeggedSit|MaleSit1|NewAnimationYouAdded

12. Repeat the previous step for all the animations you want to add. You can repeat lines if you need to. For example, if you want to add a large number of walks, you can split them up across multiple lines like this:

[ Walking ]MaleWalk1|MaleWalk2|MaleWalk3

[ Walking ]MaleWalk4|MaleWalk5|MaleWalk6

Make sure that both lines start with [ Walking ], and the script will combine the specified animations.

13. Save this notecard.

14. Drag the notecard you just created/saved from your inventory into the ZHAO-II’s inventory.

15. Take the ZHAO-II back into your inventory.

16. Wear the ZHAO-II.

17. Click the Menu button on the ZHAO-II.

18. Click the ‘Load’ button in the dialog menu.

19. Click the button that has the name of your new notecard in it.

20. Wait for the ZHAO-II to tell you that it’s finished loading the new notecard.

21. Your new animations should now be activated. If you added a new walk/sit/ground sit (for example, you added a 3rd walk), you need to select that number on the corresponding menu (click on Walks, then select the 3rd walk).

If you run into any trouble trying to make this work, see my profile picks for instructions on how to report your problems and get help.