Adding animations

Addming Animations


Problems can occur if you are wearing your HUD/AO when adding animations. It is not always possible to copy animations to an attachment – it’s just the way SL works. To get around this, we drop the HUD/AO onto the ground when we are adding animations.

For the ‘adding animations to your AO’ tutorial movie, please click here. Alternatively, there are written instructions below.

Detailed Instructions

1) Wear your HUD/AO

2) Right click->edit the HUD/AO and select the ‘content’ tab from the dialog that pops up. If you cannot see a ‘content’ tab, click the button marked ‘more’

3) Right click the HUD/AO then select ‘drop’ from the menu.

4) Drag your animation/s from your inventory to the content pane.

5) Right click->take the HUD/AO. The HUD/AO is now in your inventory and ready to be worn!


Note: The Animazoo dance HUD Quadro simplifies this process. To add animations to the Quadro, simply drop or rez it. Your HUD will automagically turn into a big, easy to see box, and you will then be given a ‘Finder HUD’ to wear. Simply drag animations to the rezzed HUD, then right click-> drop the Finder HUD – your Quadro will re-attach automatically – easy!