Custom animations service

The Animazoo custom animations service: Custom animations can be supplied with full permissions and be produced to your exact specifications using the Animazoo IGS-190 motion capture system in the Animazoo studios in Brighton, UK. We can find a suitable actor, actress or dancer or you can supply your own talent, the choice is yours. Please note the prices below do not include actor, actress or dancer fees.

Custom animations service: Rough guide to price structure (prices quoted in US dollars)

Simple standing or sitting animations: Starting rate of $100 for a static pose, add $15 per second of looped animation, $12 for un-looped.

More complex moves involving jumping / dancing: Starting rate of $200 per animation plus $15 for each second of looped animation

Looped walks: Starting rate of $200 per animation

Complex two person interactions: Starting at $500 per pair of animations plus $17 per second of looped animation.

Rough guide to turn-around times

Allow two weeks for booking studio time, actors and technicians. Allow one day per animation, plus another day per 10 seconds of animation if the animation is over 10 seconds.

The above prices and times for the custom animations service are provided as estimates only. Please contact Dave Bellman with a notecard inworld or via the support pages to discuss your exact requirements.