Dance HUD 1 and 2 Instructions

IMPORTANT! The current version of the Dance HUD is the Quadro (version 4). If you are still using an old version of the HUD, we recommend that you switch to the free Quadro Lite:

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Dance HUD 1 and 2 Instructions


The Animazoo dance HUDs 1 and 2 are a lightweight, open source dance HUDs. Here you you find the Dance HUD 1 and 2 Instructions. Because of the low script time, the HUDs causes very little lag. This makes them ideal for crowded places like clubs and other music events.


To use: Drag the HUD from your inventory onto your avatar to wear.

Arrows: Change dance (forward or backwards through list)

Centre button: Turn Dance HUD on / off

Adding or Removing dances

If you are wearing your HUD, turn it off (click middle button) and detach it.

Drag the HUD from your inventory onto the ground nearby. Be careful here, as it is very small, and could easily be lost!

Right click then ‘Edit’ the HUD. Click the ‘content’ tab on the edit dialog that appears.
(Note, if you cannot see a ‘Content’ tab, click the button labelled ‘More’)

The content tab shows a list of dances in the HUD. You can drag dances to and from your inventory until you are happy with your selection.

Right click your HUD, and chose ‘Take’ from the pie menu. The HUD is now in your inventory, ready to be worn.

Advanced configuration

The script inside the Animazoo dance HUD is open source, and therefore configurable. Currently, there are two user configurable settings in the script. You can change the time between dance changes and the volume of the keypress sound.

To change settings:

– Drag your HUD onto the ground and edit.
– Select the contents tab of your HUD.
– At the bottom of the list you will find a script called ‘Daves dance HUD script v.x’
– Open this script and scroll down past the comments (in orange)
– The first bit of text in black reads: ‘time_between_changes = 20′. The 20 is the time, in seconds, between dance changes. Change this value to the required setting
– Underneath is the ‘key_click_volume’ setting. Set to zero for silent, 1 for loud keypress sounds
– To save settings, simply hit the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the script window, and close it

That’s it!

Common Problems

Attaching the HUD in places other than top right can cause the HUD to not be displayed properly. Click here for the solution.