Dance HUD 3 Instructions

The Dance HUD III has now been superseded by the Dance HUD Quadro. In addition to all the features you have with the Dance HUD III, the Quadro features an easy to use menu system, simple ‘drag and drop’ Sequence editing, a choice of 9 cool skins, simplified loading of dances and much more.

The best news is, you will get a discount if you have bought any Dance HUD IIIs or Fatpacks in the past! Simply click the ‘Check for discount’ button on the Quadro vendors inworld at the main store.

If you’d just like to check the Quadro out for free, there is also a Lite (demo) version available: see links below:

Get the Quadro!


Quadro details and movie: Dance HUD
FREE Quadro Lite:

The Quadro inworld: Dance HUD


Dance HUD III Instructions



To use: Drag the HUD from your inventory onto your avatar to wear.

On / Off button: Starts and stops your avi dancing

Arrow: Change dance

Centre button: Bring up the main menu

Main Menu: Invite – you can invite others to dance with you Stop – you can stop Instructions – gives you a copy of this notecard Timing – allows you to set how often your HUD changes dance Messages – turn on / off the HUD status messages Landmark – gives you a landmark for the main Animazoo store

Adding or Removing dances

  1. If you are wearing your HUD, turn it off and detach it
  2. Drag the HUD from your inventory onto the ground nearby. Be careful here, as it is very small, and could easily be lost
  3. Right click then ‘Edit’ the HUD. Click the ‘content’ tab on the edit dialog that appears. Note, if you cannot see a ‘Content’ tab, click the button labelled ‘More’
  4. The content tab shows a list of everything in the HUD. Drag and drop dances from your inventory onto the list
  5. Right click your HUD, and chose ‘Take’ from the pie menu. The HUD is now in your inventory, ready to be worn

Inviting others to dance with you

Click the central menu button on your HUD. A dialog containing names of avis close by appears Select the avi you want to invite to dance That’s it!

To stop someone dancing with you, click stop in the menu and select the person’s name from the dialog that appears The dialog also has a button marked ‘Everyone’. This stops everyone dancing and turns off the HUD


Attaching the HUD in places other than top right can cause the HUD to not be displayed properly. Click here for the solution.

Very occasionally, trying to use the HUD in a no script and / or laggy area can cause the HUD to stop working. To fix this, right click-> edit the HUD, then go to the main SL menu and select Build -> Scripts -> Reset Scripts. If this doesn’t work, then do the same again, but select Build -> Scripts ->Set Scripts to Running or Build -> Scripts -> Recompile Scripts (Mono). You’re HUD will then work fine. Note, for Phoenix (and some other) viewers, the menu command is ‘Tools->Reset Scripts in Selection’.