Dance HUD Quadro Lite

Please note that the Quadro is currently suffering from an SL bug, whereby you sometimes may not be able to see it when it’s dropped. This is an SL bug, awaiting a fix, and is nothing to do with the Quadro! There are easy workarounds:



Update: Having reported the bug, it has had it’s status upgraded to ‘Accepted’ by Linden Labs. I will update here when there is a public jira page to link to.


Welcome to the Dance HUD Quadro Lite help page. The Quadro Lite features an easy to use, yet powerful menu system. The HUD has been in development for many years, and is now on it’s fourth generation. Each generation has each new release has incorporated customer feedback and suggestions. The Quadro Lite’s design is focused on making the HUD’s powerful features as intuitive and easy to use as possible.


Current Versions and Free Upgrades

This page is for the Quadro Lite, the free demo version of the Quadro. Please click here if you want instructions for the full version of the Quadro.

The current version of the Quadro Lite is 1.6. Check the HUD’s properties to see the version. This update includes nine cool skins, easy dance loading with the Finder HUD and many minor tweaks and bug fixes. If you still have the old version of the Quadro Lite, please get your free upgrade by IMing Shopkeeper Sideways (a bot) and asking for an upgrade.



Please find the relevant help section below and click to open.


Get the free Quadro Lite!

The Quadro Lite at the inworld store:

The Quadro Lite on the SL Marketplace:

Quadro features

  • Easy to use, intuitive and unobtrusive menu system
  • Choice of 4 cool skins (or 9 on the full version)
  • Edit Sequence menu allows easy drag and drop dance order changes*
  • Edit Sequence menu enables you to enable and disable dances in a Sequence*
  • Ability to create your own Sequences and load them into the HUD*
  • Ability to invite dance partners*
  • Safe and easy loading of dances with the automagic Finder HUD
  • Full backup and support with web-based help pages and support ticket system

*Not available on Lite version

Help and Support

If your Quadro has been lost or damaged, you can get a free, instant replacement by IMing Shopkeeper Sideways (a bot) and asking for a replacement.

If you have read the instructions below and are still having trouble, you can submit a support ticket by clicking here.

Quick Start

  • Drag the HUD from your inventory onto your Avi – the HUD will reset for new owner after which you will start dancing!

Buttons and Tab

Dance HUD Quadro Lite HUD on, buttons showing

Dance HUD Quadro Lite HUD off, buttons showing

Dance HUD Quadro Lite HUD is minimised to tab

The HUD menu and buttons can be minimised to save screen clutter using the tab with the Animazoo logo, as shown on the left. Simply click the tab to show / hide the buttons and menu. The HUD can be on or off when minimised.

Please note, the Lite version does not support inviting others to dance or dance sequence editing. Please see the Full Version here for these features.

Quadro Lite Interactive Tour

Descriptions of the buttons and menus for the Quadro are shown below. Click the menu items for more info on a particular menu item.

Top row buttons

Reading from left to right, the four buttons across the top of the HUD do the following:

  • Back: Start playing the last previous dance
  • Forward: Start playing the next dance
  • Menu: Show or hide the Main menu
  • Power: Turn the HUD on or off


Please click the ‘Main menu’ area for more…

Menu header:

  • Click for help messages in local chat
  • Displays the name of the current menu


Please click the ‘Settings’ menu item for more…

Switch to Settings menu

The Settings menu gives you the following options:

  • Skins: Change the Quadro’s skin. Choose from the available list
  • Lock HUD position:
  • Locks the screen position for the HUD

  • Change Viewer: Select your viewer type for optimum display
  • Timing: Set how often you change dance. This will over-ride any individual settings as set in the Sequences notecard
  • Messages: Turn on and off status messages appearing in chat
  • UI Sounds: Turn on and off the sounds made when you click buttons
  • Reset: Reset the HUD

Warning! Resetting the HUD will reset any Playlist changes you have made and will reset the Default Sequence.


Please click the ‘Help’ menu item for more…

Display Help Pages

Clicking the Help menu item will bring up a dialog inviting you to open this web page.

Click ‘Go to page’ on the dialog to display these Help pages.


You can return to the main menu by clicking the small arrow at the bottom of the Settings menu.

You can close the menu by clicking the small ‘x’ at the bottom of the menu. Clicking the menu button on the top row will close all menus.

Please note, the Lite version does not support inviting others to dance or dance sequence editing. Please see the Full Version here for these features.

Adding or Removing dances

The Dance HUD Quadro Lite uses ‘rezmorphing’ technology, whereby when the HUD is rezzed for adding or removing dances, it rezzes into a large, easy to see box. In addition, you are given a Quadro Finder HUD that displays the last location of your Quadro Lite. Dropping the Finder HUD automatically triggers the re-attaching of your Quadro Lite, making the whole process easier and safer.

Three steps for adding dances to your Quadro HUD Lite:

  1. Wear your HUD, turn it off and Right Click -> Drop it

          ~ A dialog will ask to attach the Finder HUD. Click ‘Yes’

  2. Your rezzed Quadro HUD has morphed into a large, easy to see box

          ~ Drag dance/s from your inventory to the rezzed Quadro

  3. Right Click -> Drop the Finder HUD.

          ~ A dialog will ask to re-attach your Quadro. Click ‘Yes’

Important Note: When you re-attach your Quadro by dropping the finder HUD, for some reason, SL puts it into your ‘Objects’ folder. So you will find your updated copy of the Quadro there. This is a ‘feature’ of SL and currently cannot be changed.


The HUD will not display properly if your screen resolution is less than 1024 by 800.

When the Finder HUD is dropped and the Quadro Lite re-attaches, SL puts the Quadro Lite into your Objects folder in your inventory. Unfortunately, there is no way to change this.


  • Q: Can I use dances from any animation maker in the Quadro?
  • A: Yes. In fact, you can use any SL animations you like
  • Q: Why won’t my Quadro turn on?
  • A: Most likely causes are; you are in a ‘no script’ area, you have no dances in you HUD or you are experiencing heavy lag.
  • Q: I added some dances and I can’t find my Quadro in my inventory. Where is it?
  • A: When you re-attach your HUD, for some reason. SL puts it into your ‘Objects’ folder. This is unavoidable
  • Q: How can I find out the name of the currently playing Sequence?
  • A: To find out the name of the currently playing Sequence, click the menu header for the ‘Edit Sequence’ menu. The name of the currently playing Sequence will appear in chat
  • Q: Which permissions should I choose when buying dances – copy or transfer?
  • A: Dances bought with transfer perms are far more suceptable to inventory loss, whereas dances bought with copy perms can always be replaced, instantly and for free by IMing Shopkeeper Sideways (a bot) and asking for a replacement. It is for all these reasons, we strongly recommend always buying dances with copy perms.

Known Issues

  • Laggy Conditions (e.g. laggy sim, slow Internet connection) may cause the menu to not display properly. If this hapens, you can wait for it to display, or you can click the menu button twice to try again.
  • When re-attaching your HUD under laggy conditions, there may be a pause before the attach dialog appears. Please just wait, the HUD will always come back to you.
  • The HUD’s normally smooth edges can sometimes become ‘jaggy’, especially when editing the HUD. This is an SL bug and comes and goes as it pleases!
  • If you delete the currently playing dance from the HUD’s inventory, the HUD is unable to stop the dance from playing – this is an SL limitation. For this reason, it’s recommended that the HUD is turned off before adding or removing dances from the HUD’s inventory.
  • Some viewer versions allow you to wear two HUDs in the same place. If two copies of the HUD (Full and / or Lite versions) are worn together at the same time in the same place problems will occur. Only one copy of the HUD should be worn in the top right hand corner at a time.
  • If your camera is ‘fixed’ on the HUD when it’s rezzed, attaching the HUD can cause your view camera to go off-sim. If this happens, simply click the ‘escape’ key.
  • Dropping the Quadro near a land border where rezzing is not allowed can cause the Finder HUD not to rez. Make sure you are well inside a rez area before you rez the Quadro