Dance Machine Instructions

Dance Machine Instructions: The Animazoo Dance Machine allows up to 10 dancer to dance together. The Dance Machine is open source – so please contact Animazoo for support and NOT the script’s original creator. Because the scripts are open source, you are free to use them in your own products and creations.

The machine is very easy to configure and use. Please see the relevant help sections below for details.

Dance Machine Instructions

Get the free Dance Machine!

Dance Machine at the inworld store:

To dance

1) Click on the ball

2) Click ‘yes’ on the dialog that asks if it’s ok to animate your avatar

To stop dancing

1) Click on the ball

If, for some reason, your avi does not stop dancing when you click the ball, you can stop your avi from dancing by going to the main SL menu and selecting Me->Movement->Stop animating my avatar.

To load the ball with dances

1) Right click->edit the ball and open the content tab. If you cannot see the content tab, click the button marked ‘more’ to open the tabs

2) Drag your dances from your inventory to the ball

That’s it! Your dance ball is now ready for use.