Different animation sizes

The diversity of body shapes and sizes in Second Life is a great thing. However, not all animations will fit all avatar sizes. It is for this reason that Animazoo now offer many new products with different animation sizes.

different animation sizes


So how do the different animation sizes work?


As a guide, large animations will suit taller avis with wider shoulders, and in the case of females, wider hips too.

Medium sized animations are a ‘best fit’ for more or less average sized avatars.

Small sized animations are for shorter avis with narrower hips and / or shoulders.


Making sure you get the right size for your avatar:


Well, first don’t worry! Most AO and sitting animations are supplied in all three different sizes, so there’s no need to decide right now.

To choose the right size, look at the position of your hands and feet for each of the different sizes. Simply chose the one that fits best!


Die unterschiedlich großen Animationen sind im Grunde für verschiedene Schulter-Breiten.

Für die richtige Größe, sieh auf die Position deiner Hände für jeder der unterschiedlichen Größen.


Las distintas animaciones son para distintos tamaños de espalda.

Para elegir la medida correcta, mira a la posición de tus manos para cada de los diferentes tamaños.

¡ Espero que esto os sirva de ayuda !


De animaties voor verschillende avatar maten refereren aan verschillende schouderbreedten. Kies de juiste maat door de kijken in welke maat de positie van beide handen goed is.

Ik hoop dat dit helpt!