How do I use animations?

A common newbie question is ‘how do I use animations?’ Below are guidelines for using both dance and AO (standing sitting walking) animations. Also included are links for free HUDs.

Please note – there are many ways to use animations in Second Life. Animations can be added to any scripted object and controlled by the script, giving us animated furniture, vehicles and many other animated products. However, for the purposes of this page, only HUDs that use animations are discussed.


How do I use animations: AO


To use standing, sitting and walking animations, you need an Animation Overider (AO). Animazoo animations use the ZHAO II. ZHAO II is a free, open source AO HUD created by Ziggy Puff.

To configure the AO yourself, you can read the instructions or follow the video tutorial. Click here for both tutorials.

For a more in depth explanation, please click here.

You can get a ZHAO II for free at the Animazoo store or in the Animazoo shop on the SL Marketplace or you can buy a preconfigured one, complete with all required animations. The ZHAO II is also available free elsewhere.

Get a free ZHAO!

The ZHAO on the SL Marketplace:

The ZHAO at the inworld store:



How do I use animations: Dances


To use dance animations, you can use a dance HUD. Animazoo animations offer the free Dance HUD Quadro Lite and a pay for, full version. The Lite version allows you to play dances one after another, and click forwards and backwards through the list. The full version allows you to configure the order and timing of the dances and also allows you to invite others to dance with you.

Get a free Dance HUD!

The Quadro Lite on the SL Marketplace:

The Quadro Lite at the inworld store:


If, once you have seen the tutorials, you are still having trouble configuring your AO or HUD, please submit a support ticket here and we’ll do our best to help!