Missing Animations

Missing Animations


We sometimes get reports of the preconfigured ZHAOs that are missing animations that were displayed on the vendor at the time of purchase. The good news is, the ZHAO is definitely not missing animations!

So why can’t you see all the animations you saw on the vendor at the time of purchase? Well, each notecard inside the ZHAO contains a list of animations to play. You can load each notecard by loading a config from the ZHAO’s menu. Let’s have a look at a config notecard:

  1. Right click -> Edit your ZHAO
  2. Select the content tab on the edit dialog that appears
  3. Open up any of the notecards (not the ‘ZHAO II Read me first’ one)
  4. ~ have a look at the list of animations…

So when you avatar is, for example running, the animations for [Run] will play. If you make your avatar go through all of the possible movement states (walking, running, sitting, standing, swimming, crawling etc) for each notecard, you will see all of your animations.

I hope you enjoy your AO!


Der ZHAO beinhaltet alle gezeigten Animationen!

Jede Notecard darin beinhaltet eine Liste von Animationen zum abspielen. Du kannst jede mit einem unterschiedlichen Set pro Notecard laden. Wenn du dir alle möglichen Bewegungen (laufen, sitzen, stehen etc.) in den Notecards ansiehst, siehst du alle deine Animationen!