Poseball Instructions

Poseball instructions: Animazoo poseballs are very easy to use – simply drag your animation onto the poseball and sit on it! This page gives the full instructions for the poseballs.

When an animation is added to the poseball, it automatically sets the animation as the ‘sit’ animation for the poseball and changes the name of the poseball to match the animation. The Poseballs are a small open source project by Dave Bellman, so you can use the scripts inside the poseballs for your own projects. Please see the relevant help sections below for more details.

Poseball Instructions

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To dance

1) Right click on the poseball and select ‘dance’ from the menu. Couldn’t be easier!

To stop dancing

1) Click the ‘Stand Up’ button at the bottom of your screen

To add a dance to a new poseball

1) Drag an animation from your inventory onto the poseball. The poseball will automatically configure the ‘Sit’ animation for the poseball and update the name of the poseball, again automatically.

To add a dance to a used poseball

If your poseball has already been loaded with a dance and you want to change it you can either follow these steps (or do it the easy way, just rez a fresh poseball)

1) Right click the poseball and chose ‘edit’ from the menu

2) The edit dialog appears

3) Select the ‘content’ tab (if you cannot see the content tab, click the button marked ‘More’)

4) Remove any animations already inside the poseball (drag to inventory or delete)

5) Drag the dance you wish to use to the poseball