Animazoo animations Store Policy

This page gives full details of the Animazoo animations Store Policy including policy on replacing missing products, refunds, upgrades and customer support.

A note on permissions

The following Animazoo animations store policy has been drafted so as to be as fair as possible for both you (my valued customers) and Animazoo. As you read, you will notice that there are many advantages to buying items with copy permissions. Animazoo recommend that where ever the choice is given, purchases are made with copy permissions. This is why Animazoo does not charge two or three times the price for copy permissions items – we think it’s better for everyone if you buy copy permissions items.


For a variety of reasons, sometimes things get lost in SL. How loss of an Animazoo product is dealt with depends on the permissions you bought your item with.

Copy permissions items
Any product bought with copy permissions can be replaced instantly for free. To get a free replacement, simply IM Shopkeeper Sideways and ask for a replacement.

Transfer permissions items
Transfer permissions items are more susceptible to inventory loss. Because of the possibility of people abusing the system, the Shopkeeper cannot give out replacements for transfer permissions items. IMPORTANT: As a rule, we do not replace any item sold with transfer permissions. However, exceptions can occasionally be made in special circumstances.


All sales are final. Refunds are not given on any purchase. The only possible exception to this is for double purchases. If you have accidentally bought the same item with copy permissions twice, we do give out refunds on a discretionary basis. Note: if the item was sold with transfer permissions, you will be required to return one of the copies to get a refund.


From time to time, products are upgraded and automatically sent out to customers. Upgraded versions of copy permissions items can also be obtained from Shopkeeper Sideways.

Customer Support

Animazoo offer a number of support options:

1) Shopkeeper Sideways. The Shopkeeper bot can handle many queries, including replacing copy permissions items, free upgrades, group invites, handing out instructions and answering common questions. For the best service, please try the Shopkeeper before contacting us directly, as the Shopkeeper has solutions to over 50 different customer support issues and is always online.

2) Support Ticket system. You can create a support ticket one of two ways. You can click the ‘submit support ticket’ button on one of the support terminals dotted around the shop. Alternatively, you can IM Shopkeeper Sideways and ask to submit a support ticket. Support tickets are checked daily, and are usually answered within 48 hours.

3) Contact Dave Bellman directly. If your query has not been answered by the Shopkeeper and you have waited longer than 48 hours for a reply to a support ticket, please drop me a notecard inworld.